Trout Mask Replicant (fishead) wrote in record_habit,
Trout Mask Replicant

sweet jesus...

... two in one day?


stumbled across some vintage shit that I couldn't afford... but also... couldn't afford to pass up. I think that's what credit cards were made for... well... when September rolls around we'll see if I'm so happy about today's purchases...

I think the answer will be yes...

Coil - Consequences Of Raising Hell 10"
seriously... when a post starts with a frickin' COIL record... y'know it's gonna be a good one... I found a cd copy of this years ago... and by years I mean... more than a decade... finally have the wax..

RAC - Structures 2LP
one of my treasured early Warp 12" singles is Tangents by RAC... found an old album of theirs for $7... score.

v/a - 21st Century Quakemakers 2x12"
there's a Clock DVA track I don't have on side one... 'nuff said.

Current 93 - Lashtal 12"
a very, very good day...

v/a - Dry Lungs LP
Jarboe, Etant Donnes, Sleep Chamber, John Duncan... Merzbow.... this is a pretty sweet comp.

Syntheme - Vol. 1 12"
Kettel - Tadley Management 12"
Last Step - Last Step 2LP
iTAL tEK - Blood Line 12"
Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix) 12"
Benga - Benga EP Vol. 2 12"
Monkey Steak - Lighthouse Dub 12"
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