Mike (m3ani3) wrote in record_habit,

Because fishead made me feel bad

I went out and bought records for myself:

"Solid" by Ashford and Simpson
"Cultivation EP" by Tyree Cooper on Real Estate Records
"Baby's Got Sauce" by G.Love and Special Sauce - Limited Edition 10" on Okeh
"True Spirit Part 1" compilation on Tresor 185
"Terminus" by Photek
"Late Night" by Jeff Mills on Tresor 183
Virus 001 by Ed Rush and Optical
"Supralingua" by Mickey Hart (w/remixes by Hawtin & Dangers)
"Rhythm Nation 1814" by Janet Jackson
"Solid" remixes by Ashford & Simpson - remixes by Francois Kevorkian

Almost had Force Inc 005, but it didn't have a price sticker. lame.
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peer pressure is a bitch...

I've got Supralingua on cd... I remember it being somewhat interesting... never seen vinyl, though.
Supralingua is pretty good. I have two copies of the vinyl now if you really want one. I like it because Mickey Hart is a damn good drummer as well. He plays here in a week or two (in Denver).